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Color Combination Palette Tools

Adobe Color CC

Adobe Color CC pricing: FREE
Create color palette either from scratch or by uploading a picture, color codes can be viewed and used in all Adobe products


COLOURlovers pricing: FREE
Create colors, patterns, and palettes, view others work, react to it, or download it


ColorBrewer pricing: FREE
Color schemes for maps and other graphics, gives an overview of roads, cities, and borders


Paletton pricing: FREE
Create color combinations, helps adjust a paletteā€™s saturation, contrast, colorblind overlays, and creates samples


Coolors pricing: FREE
Generate color combinations, share color palettes, and export them to different formats like SVG, PDF, or SCSS
Operating System:
Web Linux Windows Apple Android


Sip pricing: FREE
Generate color palettes from images, organize and share them
Operating System:


Pick pricing: FREE
Generate color palettes from images, colors can be shown in any format of choice, provides usable codes
Operating System:


ColorZilla pricing: FREE
Pick color from any pixel in the browser, adjusts this color and pastes it into 3rd party design software
Browser Extension:
Chrome Firefox

Color Picker Online

Color Picker Online pricing: FREE
Used to select a color and get the HTML color code, the HEX value, RGB value and HSV value of the pixel selected

Color Safe

Color Safe pricing: FREE
Gives preview of text by changing colors, fonts, size and WCAG standard


Clrs pricing: FREE
Provides a library of colors and swatches to be used in Photoshop, Illustrator, Gimp or Inkscape.

Material Palette

Material Palette pricing: FREE
Allows choosing color combinations to get Material Design palette generated and downloaded, also works with icons

Get inspired by these online color palette tools to help you create professional looking color combinations for your websites or graphic design materials

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