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Code Preprocessors and Compilers


Prepos pricing: FREE
Prepose is a tool that optimizes, compiles, and preprocesses code like Sass, Less, Stylus, Jade and CoffeeScript. Prepose finds errors, has live reloads in the browser, detects errors at a glance, optimizes images, and minifies files with ease to reduce bandwidth and load time.
Operating System:
Linux Windows Apple


Brunch pricing: FREE
Brunch is an automated task runner for code development with JavaScript and HTML. It minifies, lints, and compresses and your HTML.


Typescript pricing: FREE
TypeScript is a tool that compiles JavaScript code which runs on any browser and comes with a command-line compiler.


Grunt pricing: FREE
Grunt is a development task runner that automates the JavaScript code. Grunt is written in Node.js performing automated tasks like minifying, linting, compiling and testing and it gives developers the option to add, extend and modify to their personal needs.


Compass pricing: FREE
Compass is a authoring framework that automatically monitors your CSS code, fix errors in code, makes code easier to write and it is built on Sass. Compass is cross browser compatible with integration of a blueprint module.


Haml pricing: FREE
Haml is a templating system that makes your markup readable and clean. Haml gives flexible control of dynamic content of HTML, and avoids writing inline codes in web documents cleaning up your code.


Slim pricing: FREE
Slim is a template language system based in HTML, and its goal is to reduce HTML syntax.


Eco pricing: FREE
Online CoffeeScript to compiled JavaScript generator based on HTML template source


IcedCoffeeScript pricing: FREE
A superset of the CoffeeScript JavaScript code compiler that runs code asynchronously


CoffeeScript pricing: FREE
JavaScript code compiler


Pug pricing: FREE
Template engine for writing HTML syntax


Stylus pricing: FREE
CSS extension language preprocessor


Less pricing: FREE
CSS extension language preprocessor with variables, nesting, mixins and inheritance


Babel pricing: FREE
JavaScript code compiler with support for Polyfill and JSX syntax conversion


Webpack pricing: FREE
Module bundler that takes modules with dependencies and outputs static assess representing those modules

npm Scripts

npm Scripts pricing: FREE
Code development automation for running package.json scripts


Gulp pricing: FREE
JavaScript automated code development task runner that integrates with all major IDEs


Sass pricing: FREE
CSS extension language preprocessor with variables, nesting, mixins and inheritance


Panini pricing: FREE
Flat file generator built with Gulp to compile HTML pages, JSON or YAML data using templating language

Code preprocessors are programs that processes input data to produce an output before the next step of compilation that is to be used as input in another program.

Compilers are software programs that basically change top level source codes to low level programs automatically.

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